Kunert Warm Up

Kunert Warm Up Opaque Knee High
Kunert Warm Up Opaque Knee HighBlack Anthracite Marine Cashmere

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Kunert Warm Up 60 Opaque Tights
Kunert Warm Up 60 Opaque TightsBlack Marine Anthracite Espresso Cashmere

Verified Reviews:

Kunert Warm Up are some of the best and finest opaque tights or winter tights there currently are in the world of legwear. 60 denier items and similar high denier knits tend to be quite warm, but no one makes items with more insulation than Kunert Warm Up and their 60 denier items. Warm Up is a brilliant range by Kunert and they are one of the most comfortable and cosy opaque tights in the world. But what makes them so special? Are they simply high quality opaque tights that are essentially identical to any other item of legwear at that thickness? Not exactly, that is one of their many dimensions. Kunert Warm Up are made from cutting edge technological fabric and have the very best expertise and understanding in modern materials behind them. Kunert are more than just a fashion brand, they research, test and manufactuer some of the best high performance wear imaginable. That means everything from mountaineering gear to warm tights for winter. The regular 60 denier items from Kunert Warm Up Tights are closer to a 100 denier in terms of warmth and cosiness. But with their actual thickness being much sheerer, they aren't nearly as ungainly or bunched up as those super thick tights would be. And the items that are thicker still? We guarantee you have never worn anything as insulative as this.

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