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LA Kids Girl's Opaque Girls Tights (4646)

40 denier, Great for school, 100% Nylon

Available Sizes:
Small 1-3 Years, Medium 4-6 Years, Large 7-10 Years, X Large 11-13 Years

Red Green Pink Salmon-Pink Yellow
So much of the fashion industry concentrates on such a small number of people. There's plenty for both genders, but what about age groups? Children's wear. So few good designers pay attention to it, but why not? LA Kids, a child-company, so to speak, only makes stylish leg wear for kids. Their range introduces new and creative patterns and pieces that other designers haven't bothered to do. They don't stick to the conventions of who fashion should be designed for and they make sure there's just as much choice in children's tights as there is in your own. So, if you're looking for some fantastic designs for your little ones, or you want to find an ideal gift for a young princess whose birthday is coming up, take a look at LA Kids and their magnificent range children's tights.

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