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Leg Avenue KINK Faux Leather Fantasy Studded Eye Mask

Faux leather effect, Elastic strap to fasten, 100% Polyurethane

Available Sizes:
One Size



KINK by Leg Avenue is the new range of ultra sexy items from the Los Angeles based designer. It is the arm of their company that makes the truly sexy items for the Leg Avenue range, which is certainly saying something. Leg Avenue is one of the most, if not the most, sexy designer in the world of leg wear. Their work is some of the most enticing and delightful to look upon with bodystockings that flatter the figure and tights or stockings that thrill the senses. But KINK by Leg Avenue is a step above this however. Their work is supremely bedroom orientated, with some of the most striking and head turning items in the world of leg wear and lingerie. For example, whilst a pair of coloured fishnets are very sexy, you could conceivably wear them outside the bedroom and combine them with other items for a hip and chic outfit, but with KINK, the range simply does not lend itself to this kind of versatility. Firstly, let's take a look at their masks. That's right, much of their range is made up of accessories like masks. Whether they be lace or leather, KINK don't make anything that could be worn around town. This isn't a downside of the items though. They are a niche range but when they can concentrate on something like this, they end up creating something that is truly sexy and alluring. Their masks are a great addition to any attire in the boudoir and they are ideal for adding an instant sultry quality to your clothes. But there are plenty of designers out there that do sexy accessories, what is it that seperates KINK from other designers? Well the most obvious contribution to your more private wardrobe is tat they do full length bodystockings that are designed to be the raciest they can be. Some of these bodystockings are made of sheerer materials that flatter your figure, but this isn't the most unique part of these garments. The most surprising element is the headpiece. All KINK bodystockings come with a built in headpiece, but not a conventional hood. All these bodystockings come with a front hood that stretches over the face and closes towards the nape of the neck. It is a far more original and striking addition to any wardrobe compared to a conventional bodystocking or teddy that just covers the torso. It is certainly the more alluring and seductive version of a bodystocking and it certainly has a dose of kinkiness in the mix that you cannot ignore.

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