Foot Care

Taking care of your feet and using items that help maintain the health of your skin is important. Being a legwear retailer, we know all about your legs and feet and the rigours they go through. We try to help you out by stocking a wonderful range of support tights to keep your legs from becoming too tired, and other amazing self care items to help with exhausted legs and the like. But what about other problems you might run into, such as problems after your skin and feet are already damaged? Well, we have a few great accessories for that too, to make sure that you have foot care items that will easily enhance your foot health and make your life that little bit easier. Whether it be a simple pumice stone or a carefully formulated cream, or the ever essential gel cushions, there are plenty of ways you can promote foot health, enhance the quality of the skin on your feet, and make them feel comfortable throughout the day. Here are a few items we recommend for your home foot care, and you will find that they make wearing gorgeous legwear and lingerie so much nicer, thanks to you feeling so much more confident. so add a few of these essential items to your basket and you will find that you instantly feel and look better.

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