Hosiery Glossary and Information

Ankle Highs

Ankle highs are a piece of hosiery that fits like a small sock. People wear this product normally under their trousers and it covers the foot up to the ankle and no further.

Back Panel

You may have seen this term written on packaging. It simply means an added piece of hosiery, shaped like a V and it is inserted between the seam at the back of the tights. This is sometimes called a comfort panel, although they are rarely comfortable. This is designed to give extra width across the bottom which helps to extend the size.


Whether you're tying the knot, you're a bridesmaid or you're a proud member of the family, we've got your hosiery sorted out for the big day. Often with bridal wear it's tradition to have on white stockings or hold ups, although tights are perfect too. In our bridal range at UK Tights, we have provided you with traditional, innovative, and sexy designs and we even the garters to go with our stunning hosiery. Aurora Bridal Garter, Charnos Bridal Lace Garter Band. In our bridal range at UK Tights, we have provided you with the traditional, the innovative, the sexy and even the garters to go with that stunning hosiery. Cervin Champs Elysees Silk Stockings.


The brief is the section of the hosiery which starts at the waist or hip and finishes at the top of the thigh. However, there are various types of brief and each has its own qualities. Sheer to waist These items is consistent from the toes to the top of the tights. Be it sheer or opaque, the effect is still known as sheer to waist. Boxer brief The denier of the leg and brief is different. The brief is thicker around the top of the waist to the thigh, which provides extra reinforcement. This area is noticeably darker. V-line brief Kunert's Satin Look Tights have a v-line brief. Not dissimilar to the boxer brief, the v-line brief is reinforced around the pelvic area, in a triangular shape. This provides a more natural and feminine shape that a standard boxer brief.


It's important to note, denier actually refers to fabric weight. However, denier is most often used to measure the thickness of items. Most items use a higher denier to denote a thicker item. When items do not conform with this system, we will notify customers on the product page. Sheer Sheer hosiery is 5 denier to 30 denier. Sheer Tights Semi-sheer hosiery is from 30 to 40 denier. Semi Sheer Opaque tights are hosiery that is 40 denier or higher. Denier does not affect material finish. Bronzing effects and gloss are available for both sheer and opaque tights. It also does not affect an item's support factor.


Hosiery can come in a range of different finishes. Matte items have no gloss. Matte is elegant and simple and can be worn at the office or on a night out. Matt tights Slight sheen or soft sheen means a subtle gloss that's livelier than matt. Its subtlety makes it look almost like you have nothing on your legs and makes it very versatile. It looks great on a night out or for a business meeting. Shiny refers to leg wear with a sheen that is noticeable enough to show you are wearing hosiery. They are perfect for enhancing your legs, but they are still tasteful. High-shine is any leg wear that is very shiny, including wet look items. This is for making your legs very noticeable and to attract attention to your outfit high gloss and other similar terminology.


Fishnet is an open structure that is knitted differently to other hosiery. Fishnet tights looks like fishing nets used by fishermen but can come in different sized wholes.


Footless tights are items that end at the ankle, leaving the foot free. Ideal for warmer temperatures so your feet aren't over heated. Footless Tights


A panel added to the crotch for comfort, fit and personal hygiene. Gussets are usually cotton or made from the same material as the product. Plain gusset are panels made from the same material as the rest of the item Cotton or silk gussets are ideal for tights because they are natural materials and ensure superior hygiene and breathability No gusset designs simply have a seam instead of an oval shape panel. This seam can sometimes be sewn into a V-shape to provide greater fit. Open gusset refers to items where the gusset is removed, leaving them crotchless. This is preferable for hygiene reason. Crotchless Tights


Hosiery is a term used for legwear of all types such as tights, hold ups, stocking and ankle highs. Its normally a knitted fabric.

Hosiery Gloves

These are usually soft cotton gloves that are worn when putting on your sheer hosiery. This helps a great deal to reduce snagging and ripping of delicate hosiery such as sheers.

Hold Ups

Alternatively, "stay ups" or "thigh highs", hold ups cover the leg up to the thigh. They are often decorated with a floral lace cuff at the top of the garment. They use silicone to stay up and require no suspender belt. Please note, those with sensitive skin or allergies may have irritated skin when using silicone-based products. Hold Ups


Maternity tights are extra stretchy around the stomach, so they fit comfortably without reducing circulation. They are very comfortable and help keep you warm. They are often designed with a massaging effect, so your legs won't become as tired during pregnancy. Maternity Tights

Socks and Knee Highs

Socks Socks normally refer to the ankle socks variety. They cover the toes and foot and end over the ankle or part way up the calf. Socks Flight or compression socks occasionally prescribed as a medical precaution, can be worn by both men and women to help guard against medical risks incurred on long-haul flights. They can also be worn day to day to help massage your feet. Flight Socks Knee Highs or Pop Socks are longer garments that reach the knee. Please note, over the knee socks are socks reach several inches above the knee-caps, reaching the bottom of the thigh. Knee highs sit under the knees. Knee Highs


An American English term used to signify sheer tights (up to 30 denier). Also, in the US "tights" describes opaques (over 40 denier).


Shapewear helps mould and massage your legs, pelvis or midriff, enhancing your figure. Perfect for evening wear. Thigh bum shapewear enhances the thighs, bum and lower pelvis area Body Toner Tights Shock up is a range that shapes and defines your midriff and pelvis. This gives you stronger support than most shapewear without being impossible to get on Shock Up Control top tones the bum and thigh area mostly but can also shape the rest of the leg and stomach Control Top Waist cincher are designed to keep the lower and upper stomach shaped for an hourglass effect Waist Cincher


Seamless tights are normally knitted on a special machine and are made in one piece. There are no seams to dig into your skin and the product is often sheer. However, there is still no way a toe on tights can be linked together without a seam so the tights are not completely seam free.

Sheer Legwear

Sheer legwear means sheer tights, hold ups or stocking that are sheer and see through. There are no reinforcements to the fabric as with other products that have reinforced panty or toe for instance. You can see your legs through sheer legwear and as a rule the denier is no more than 25 as they then start to become semi opaque.

Skin Tones and Colour Guide

Porcelain/English Rose. This skin type is typified by paler, fairer skin. Cette's Tendresse and Levante's Natural are ideal for Caucasian skin and Trasparenze's Bianco-Seta is ideal for porcelain and Nordic skin. strong colours like burgundy and greens work well also. Olive/Mediterranean. Those of you who have the gorgeous hint of golden honey in your colouring, choose something richer in colour to compliment your natural tones and choose neutral tones to make the most of your complexion Asian. This tone is defined by subtle hints of yellows and browns. Picking a darker palette, like earthy browns, can complement this tone or you can go with extremely bright colours like pinks and yellows for contrast. African. Black is a classic choice for anyone but is particularly good for darker skin. African skin tones are also great for contrast, so choosing something very light, like a cream or ivory, can work very well. Like Asian skin, bright colours stand out even more against your body and look stunning.


A classic in the hosiery world, stockings were the first type of leg wear available and they remain a classic choice. They require a suspender belt, which clips to the welt (see "welt" below for a definition). Stockings can be worn under a business skirt or can go hand in hand with a bottle of champagne and some sexy lingerie. which clips to the welt (see Welt for definition) of the garment. can be worn under an elegant business skirt but can go hand in hand with a bottle of champagne and some sexy lingerie.


A tight-fitting garment that covers everything from the toes to the waist. They are a versatile garment that makes it easy to sport printed patterns, stitched and woven details and other features. Please note, American English differs in terminology. In the US, "pantyhose" refers to sheer items (30 denier or less) and "tights" refers to only thicker items. In the UK, "tights" refers to all items that fit the above definition, no matter the denier.


Reinforced toes prevent damage that can occur in the toe of some hosiery. Manufacturers include a strengthening panel, preventing tears and rips. This can be sometimes be seen so it is often worn with shoes that cover the toes. Sandal toes use lighter coloured or sheerer material, mimicking the sheerness of the rest of the garment. This provides strength and invisibility. Perfect for toeless shoes. Open toe means a garment where your toes are free of material entirely. These can be perfect when wearing toeless shoes or any footwear with straps that go in between your toes. Open Toe Tights


The top of an item of hosiery can be low on the hip (hipsters), sit on the waist as normal (regular) or can continue until just under the bra (high-waist). These often provide extra support, but if it is not stated on our product pages, this feature is just for aesthetics.