Polar Bears International

Our latest charity and our first partnership with an environmental organization. PBI is one of the most respected environmental and conservation charities in the world. It concentrates on preserving the habitats of the Arctic, helping to protect the vulnerable polar ice caps that support huge ecosystems in the northern most regions.

Why has UK Tights partnered with a green charity specifically?
UK Tights specialises in an item of clothing that is made entirely from Nylon, Lycra and other fabrics made from non-renewable resources. We want to help protect the environment that we have taken our core fabrics from. In order to do that, we have chosen to donate to charity that helps protect the environment we all live in. Whilst many of us don't live in these regions, the Earth itself is still one ecosystem and each part needs protecting as much as the next. We are proud to partner with an organization that safeguards the most vulnerable part of planet Earth, the melting ice caps, and keeps them preserved for all our benefit