Pendeza are a brilliant designer that concentrates on making just one kind of legwear and doing it really well. Specifically, they make tights for women with ethnic skin tones, tights for black women and tights for Asian women. A lot of ethnic women find it quite hard to get tights to suit their colouring and skin tone. Often, black tights are a little too dark and they often look out of place against a chocolate skin tone. But Pendeza, having been founded by women who have struggled to find these items for themselves, know this very well. Being intrepid designers, they have made a range of tights for black women with a truly variety and ideal set of colours and shades. But it is not just a case of tights for asian women or black women. They have been made to suit any woman of any darker skin tone from tanned Mediterranean, to Middle Eastern, to South Asian, to Central African. They really are varied and have a shade and skin tone for every women with olive skin or darker. They are made with perfection and quality in mind. So if you are a women with a more tanned or darker complexion, you won't find anything better suited to your outfits than Pendeza and their wonderful range of tights.

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