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Pex Childrens Award Cotton Rich Short School Socks (5PP)
Pex Childrens Award Cotton Rich Short School Socks (5PP)Black Charcoal Navy

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Pex Childrens Graduate Cotton Rich Knee High School Socks (2PP)

Pex Kids is one of the best newer brands we have brought into the UK Tights family and one of the more niche ones too. Pex is a kids' tights designer and a school tights designer,and only make items for this niche. Founded in Leicester in 1914, Pex is the UK's leading branded children's tights supplier. They make mostly for school uniforms but also other purposes. They are very specialised, but that doesn't mean they are small by any means. At a conservative estimate, Pex have almost a 50 percent share of the independent retail market. That means any school uniform shop you go to that isn't a big box store, will have Pex school tights on their shelves. So what makes them so amazing exactly? Why go for Pex over other grey school tights from the supermarket? Pex tights are so much more durable and comfortable. They are made of softer but stronger material so that your little one will be comfy throughout the day and also won't get as many ladders from the rigours of the playground. Now, they want to bring their amazing high quality children's tights to you over the internet too, to make it even easier than ever to make sure you have your school uniform arranged. If you want something comfy, high quality, resistant to tears and ladders and super affordable, then Pex school tights are just what you need.

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