Pia Rossini

Pia Rossini Holly Slippers

Pia Rossini Holly Slippers

Diamante detail, Bow detail, Soft faux fur, Slip on style, Rubber sole

Available Sizes:
Small (UK 3 - 4.5)

Pia Rossini is one of our younger brands, being founded in 1999. Whilst they haven't got the background or experience that many senior brands have, they do have creativity, passion and ingenuity. And even more interestingly, they have poured all of this into one particular type of clothing, namely hats and other accessories. They have been part of our range over at UK Swimwear for several years now, and their swimwear accessories are some of the best and most stylish we have ever seen.

Why is it that a younger brand can largely outpace even the best designers out there for their accessories and become the ruler of their little niche corner of the market? Well a great deal of it is down to passion and creativity, as we mentioned above. You can compare the most passionate and committed of anything with the most well-funded or well backed anything and you will often find its the former that wins out. Music made by passionate artists always trumps music made by a band that isn't hungry for success or doesn't have very much to say. An independent film maker can make a masterpiece of drama or comedy better than some big studios who want a trilogy of films all based on the same joke. Well that is also the case with fashion, and Pia Rossini is one of the best names for it in our particular line of work. This is the main explanation, but another big part is the simple explanation that this is the entirety of their range. There is a special kind of quality that comes from a designer that only makes items of one variety. Porsche makes fast cars, no other machines like other car manufacturers do. And even when they make big and spacious SUVs they are there to perform, as that's what they are known for. Porsche make the best fast cars in the world, and nothing else, not even a hatchback or a family car. This has made them legendary. Well the same is true in anything that creativity plays a role in.

Pia Rossini have chosen their niche and they are in the process of taking it over completely. Hats is the first thing they are interested in, and other accessories like scarves, bracelets and necklaces come after that. Their sun hats have been a staple of the world of swimwear for a while and now their more winter friendly hats are here for our leg wear customers. Swimwear is to be worn in the sun, however leg wear always adds a certain amount of warm to your outfit, unless it is almost invisible.

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