Pia Rossini

Pia Rossini

Pia Rossini is one of our youngest brands here at UK Tights. They were only founded in 1999, and whilst they haven't got the breadth of experience that many senior brands have, they have creativity and passion. They have poured all of their time and talents into one category of clothing too, meaning they are getting really god at one thing, namely accessories. They have been part of our range over at UK Tights for years. Their accessories are some of the best and most stylish we have ever worn. Pia Rossini was founded in 1999 are are one of the youngest brands to get so much international recognition. They have become a huge name all over Europe and in particular in the Britain. Their philosophy of high quality but with reasonable prices has made Pia Rossini the best place to go for amazing accessories.

Pia Rossini Scarves

Pia Rossini scarves are also becoming one of their biggest appeals. They are made to exceptional standards and each Pia Rossini scarf is as gorgeous as the last. A good scarf is a vital part of your accessories wardrobe and can be a real life saver in the cold winter months. Pia Rossini makes their scarves with the same beautiful materials and careful expertise that they make so many of their other items from, so if you have tried one Pia Rossini and you liked it, then you will like the rest.

Pia Rossini Gloves

Pia Rossini actually designs all sorts of different types of clothing, from blouses and pants, to jackets and accessories. But what so few designers make as part of their wider range of clothing is the humble glove. Pia Rossini gloves are such an important part of their range. They are one of the few accessories designers that make this item and even fewer make it to this quality. Pia Rossini gloves are beautiful and practical. The perfect blend that everyone needs in their clothing no matter its type.

Pia Rossini Accesories

Pia Rossini accessories are what the brand is known for. Their accessories are for every occasion and they easily outmatch their clothing range. But we need one designer that is willing to do that and do it well. They started with beachwear and Pia Rossini kaftans and their range of Pia Rossini pareos are simply gorgeous. Now they have moved into gloves and scarves and winter wear. Because of their ability to concentrate on accessories, Pia Rossini make most things in a one size.

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