Pringle Socks

At UK Tights, we claim to have the best selection of leg wear in the world. We aim to live up to that claim and to do so, we need a good range of men's socks too. And to do that, we have brought on as many brands of good quality men's socks as we can, including our latest brand, Pringle. The menswear designer Pringle socks is one of those brands that are super well known and are a very well received and well respected sock designer and make some of the best socks a man could want. They come in every variety from black business socks to stripy socks, argyle socks and other versatile and favourite patterns, spotted socks, and everything else that every single man should have in their sock drawer. There really is an item for everyone here. Pringle socks also do several variety sets of six pairs of differently patterned socks for those who love to swap around their style choices or who want a variety of designs in their wardrobe. But nothing compares to their incredible line up of luxury cashmere socks. There's something for everyone in this amazing collection of men's socks and they are amazingly affordable for the quality of their items, at a price point that's half what you might imagine.

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