Le Bourget Futura Fashion Tights

Le Bourget Futura Fashion Tights

1 - Small
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* Crotched design
* Highly fashionable
* Cotton gusset
* 80% Polyamide
* 20% Elastane
The crocheted look of these tights is amazing and you'll love them when worn with that little black number. The different size of the holes gives them added interest and the colour is a cross between blue and purple. Any self respecting fashionister wouldn't be caught without a pair of these in her wardrobe.

Size Chart
S 1 to 5'1"105 - 130
M 25'2"-5'9"130 - 145
L 35'3"-5'11"120 - 170
XL 45'5"-6'1"130 - 184
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Le Bourget Futura Fashion Tights
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