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Gipsy Translucent Ultra Sheer Tights (Navy Box)

Gipsy Translucent Ultra Sheer Tights (Navy Box)

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* 7 denier
* Reinforced toe
* Boxer brief
* Slight sheen
* No gusset
* 100% Nylon
Gipsy Translucent ultra-sheer tights have a 7 denier appearance with a slight sheen effect. Great value for money and come in a handy sized blue box great for keeping a spare in your handbag. Perfect for a day at the office and evening wear, with  many classic shades to choose from every woman will find her perfect shade.

Height Hips
34"- 38" 38"- 42" 42"- 44" 44"- 54"

Keith Ogden January 28, 2021
Rating: 5 Amazing tights.

Keith Ogden January 28, 2021
Rating: 5 Gorgeous tights, really sheer and silky. Love them.

Keith Ogden January 27, 2021
Rating: 5 Gorgeous tights, they seem even more sheer and silky than before. Love the chocolate colour, thers no lycra in them which I prefer like nylons from the past.

Keith Ogden January 23, 2021
Rating: 5 Very silky tights, they seem to be more sheer and silky than ever, don't know if they have changed the recipe. Large in the chocolate shade fit great and the colour is amazing I'm a Male wearer and nearly 6ft. They are 100% nylon - no lycra in them - which I prefer. Like nylons should be.

Keith Ogden January 22, 2021
Rating: 5 Gorgeous tights, they seem more sheer and silky than they have ever been, as a male wearer of nearly 6 ft large fit great. They are 100% nylon no lycra which I prefer, they are like nylons from the past and so silky.

Online Shopper April 14, 2020
Rating: 5 These are very good 100% nylon tights giving a feel on the legs that only 100% nylon can. Their not something you might want to wear all day but I've not found any other tights that give the same feeling.

D Ambrose April 3, 2020
Rating: 4 Very nice. Good value.

R WALL February 12, 2019
Rating: 5 Lovely tights, very soft, silky & comfy.

A Robertson January 14, 2019
Rating: 2 I'm afraid not very good tights to wear. Shade was okay but I wasn't comfortable wearing these tights.

Online Shopper August 1, 2017
Rating: 3 These are lovely translucent tights, you could be mistaken for not wearing any, and great value for money. However I find they ladder very easily especially from the top seam and gusset.

Online Shopper May 26, 2017
Rating: 5 Really like these tights, use them for everyday, comfortable with a light fit and discreet appearance. Very reasonably priced.

Online Shopper May 16, 2017
Rating: 5 Fine quality feels good and comfortable, well worth the price.

Online Shopper May 15, 2017
Rating: 5 The local supplier of these tights closed so my wife asked that I find a new source as this is her favoured brand and colour.

T Bucher May 3, 2017
Rating: 5 Superb quality and super fine, feels and looks high class tights. Stronger and harder wearing then most other tights for the fine finish.

Online Shopper April 22, 2017
Rating: 4 These are perfectly adequate everyday tights, comfortable and look ok without being flashy. Worn for work and casual...

A Down November 22, 2016
Rating: 5 Best tights I know. I've been buying these tights for years.


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Gipsy Translucent Ultra Sheer Tights (Navy Box)
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