Trasparenze Pippo Childrens Tights


$10.79 Was: $13.49
7/8 Years
9/10 Years
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* High cotton content
* Ribbed and patterned
* Soft and cosy
* 60% Cotton
* 30% Polyamide
* 10% Elastane
Pippo follows a similar logic to some of the other young girls tights that Trasparenze has designed. Subtlety, whilst not a familiar word to most little ones, is the key to a good pair of fashionable children's tights. Pippo has a complex pattern, but the muted knitting puts it in the background slightly, giving their outfit character but letting their dresses and little cardigans be the show-stoppers. The array of delightful colours also helps make these tights a versatile companions to almost any outfit, a blessing for those who have to dress the little tikes.
SizeHeightWeight (lbs)Weight (Kg)
S 14'10"-5'4"198 - 12144 - 55
M 24'10"-5'6"110 - 14350 - 65
L 35'0"-5'8"121 - 16555 - 75
XL 45'4"-6'0"132 - 18760 - 85
Maxi 55'6"-6'0"154 - 21570 - 100
G Metz April 21, 2015
Rating: 5 They are very nice pair of tights. I love the pattern on them. They are very good quality. They were priced reasonable. They are good too.


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