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Aristoc Ultimate 10 Denier Ladder Resist Matt Tights

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* 10 denier
* Ultra matt
* Sheer to waist
* Superb fit
* Run resist
* Very chic
* 63% Nylon
* 36% elastane
* 1% cotton
Ultimate is named that way for a reason. No other 10 denier item can rival what it offers. A beautiful, quality product, Aristoc have crafted the best ultra sheer matt tights possible. This is a finished draft. Ultra sheer tights are traditionally shinier than most. Sheer tights have great amounts of feminine appeal, and glossy finishes can be very sexy. But Aristoc have experimented with their fabric, dedicated to making a sensual, matt design. Ultimate is their answer. Quality sheers, without the sheen, can enhance your legs as much as any gloss tights. They are also knitted with a revolutionary yarn that prevents holes turning into ladders, enabling you to carry on wearing them for the rest of the day. Ultimate isn't just sexy, it's feminine, sophisticated and exquisite.

Size Chart
Hips (Inch) Height (Feet)
5'0" 5'2" 5'4" 5'6" 5'8" 5'10"
34" S S S M M M
36" S S S M M M
38" S S S M M M
40'' S S S M M M
42" S S M M M L
44" M M M L L L
46" L L L L L
48" L L L L
157cm 163cm 168cm 173cm 178cm
Customer Reviews
UK Tights Customer November 30, 2019
Rating: 5
Still keep buying, but can you improve the strength of triangle area, as it sometimes worn out,especially on hip bottom side, turning to scratch and holes eventually . All in all, my favorite as always!

UK Tights Customer September 26, 2019
Rating: 5
The M size for Illusion, the size has been modified? Feel a bit larger, but okay for now, no need to further large for M size.

UK Tights Customer September 26, 2019
Rating: 5
Excellent as always, keep coming back to buy. Just one advice, maybe can you improve the heel part of the tights, as walking makes friction on that area, easily worn out to holes.

T Ba August 13, 2018
Rating: 5
Tried so many different brands and keep coming back to these for everyday wear. Very easy to wear and make my legs feel special. The perfect fit with just the right amount of elasticity. Run resistant and not easily snagged, so longer lasting than most. Just wish there were a few more shades to more closely match my skin tone.

P BUTLER November 25, 2017
Rating: 3
For a sheer to waist pair of tights I found the seam down the front and back too wide and does down the legs too far. Not good for really short shorts!
Apart form that they are fine. Under longer shorts or a skirt they would be great.

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Aristoc Ultimate 10 Denier Ladder Resist Matt Tights
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