Levante Amore Backseam Tights

Levante Amore Backseam Tights

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* 20 denier
* Back seam
* Italian design
* Cotton gusset
* 85% Nylon
* 13% Elastane
* 2% Cotton
The Levante Moda Collection is the essence of innovative legwear. Each style an expression of today. Made with modern fabrics and engineered with intricate detail, the collection creates a bold new dimension in elegant textural leg looks. Fully fashioned heel and seam running the length of the leg. Pretty design feature half way up the calf.

Size Chart
Height (Feet) Weight (Kg)
40-50 50-60 60-70 70-80 80-90
4'9" Small Medium Tall
5'1" Small Medium Tall Tall
5'3" Small Medium Tall XTall XTall
5'5" Medium Medium Tall XTall XTall
5'7" Medium Tall Tall XTall
5'9" Tall Tall XTall
5'11" XTall XTall
6'1" XTall XTall
88-110 lbs 110-132 lbs 132-154 lbs 154-176 lbs 176-198 lbs
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Levante Amore Backseam Tights
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