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Kunert Forming Effect Panty

II Medium (40-42)
III Large (42-44)
IV X Large (44-46)
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* Figure shaping
* Lifts bottom
* Flattens tummy
* Super soft and smooth
* Unseen under clothing
* 81% Polyamide
* 19% Elastane
Forming Effect is part of a new initiative from Kunert to revolutionise the way you wear your outfits. Fly & Care was their answer to tired and uncomfortable legs of long journeys. With innovations like that one, that problem is solved. Well, the same is being done for other day-to-day difficulties. Forming effect concentrates on shaping, and just that. The tights are excellent, but if you want a truly specialised and elite produce, pick up your pair of the Forming Effect Panty. The product using the very latest in compression technology to shape your figure, whilst pushing up your bottom and toning your thighs. But with heavy support garments, people often find they're too noticeable and indiscreet. Kunert, once again, have found a solution. Forming Effect is almost invisible and is designed to fit beautifully, so you don't even notice it's there.
Online Shopper February 11, 2014
Rating: 4 Really nice tights. Love how they shape everything properly but aren't like a vice either! Was a bit anxious about trying them because of some one star reviews, but had no problem with the fit in the end. Maybe some pairs were not labelled properly but mine fit like a treat! Love em.

S Cane August 19, 2013
Rating: 1 Very small. Look well made but I can't even get them on!!!!!!!!!!!


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