Max Mara Vienna Hold Ups

Max Mara Vienna Hold Ups

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* 15 denier
* Precious French lace top
* Finest Italian fabric
* 89% Polyamide
* 11% Elastane
The name of a design is not arbitrary. Vienna says something about the soul of these gorgeous hold ups. A deeper top than other hold ups in Max Mara's collection and an ornateness deeply entwined with the lace, Vienna is as rich and grandiose as its namesake. A beautiful pair of hold ups made for the most formal balls and galas, Vienna is a visual cathedral. One of Max Mara's greatest triumphs this season.

Size Chart
Height Weight kg
ft/ins  40  50 55 60 65 70 80 95
4'9" S S S M M
4'11" S S S M M L L  
5'3" S M M M L L L XL
5'5" M M L L L L XL XL
5'7" M L L L L XL XL XL
5'9"     L L L XL XL  
5'11"     XL XL XL XL  
6'1"     XL XL XL XL  
98 110 121 132 143 154 176 209
Weight lb
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Max Mara Vienna Hold Ups
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