Trasparenze Bunch Hold Ups

1/2 Small/Medium
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* 15 denier
* Beautiful design
* Floral pattern
* 80% Polyamide
* 10% Polypropylene
* 10% Elastane
Bunch is a carefully constructed masterpiece, a design only Trasparenze could have pulled off. Deep with heritage and yet it's one of their most subtley executed designs this season. The legs look like a scattered arrangement of vines and flowers, but hidden beneath that lives a reconstruction of Italian history. The drooping foliage near the hold up tops replicates the Rococo motifs you might find in a European castle. The legs proper are designed for the purpose of lengthening the legs and they do that with the same careful and hidden balance as their tights counterpart. Bunch looks like just that, a bouquet of innocent flowers, but they're a potent and powerful arrangement of nature's most beautiful offerings.

Size Chart
SizeHeightWeight lbs
1 XS4'9"-5'7"
145 - 165cm
100 - 132
2 S4'9"-5'9"
145 - 170cm
105 - 155
3 M5'1"-5'11"
150 - 175cm
111 - 165
4 L5'4"-6'1"
160 - 180cm
121 - 187
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Trasparenze Bunch Hold Ups
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