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Jonathan Aston Chained Tights
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Jonathan Aston Chained Tights


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A Small
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* 15 denier
* Chain design
* Cotton gusset
* 91% Polyamide
* 9% Elastane
For years, Jonathan Aston's range of seamed leg wear has been one of the most popular out there. They know how to do sexy and they're getting better and better at it each year. Now, they've released one of their most edgy designs in many seasons. Chained is an open display of seduction and yet it has its own brand of tongue-in-cheek humour about it too. It's certainly sexy, in fact it's powerfully kinky, but it's a fun design first and foremost. It certainly made us smile the first time we saw it.
Hips inches
Small A4'10"-5'6"90 - 13030 - 40
Medium B5'0"-5'9"140 - 17038" - 44"
Large C5'4"-6'0"170 - 20042" - 48"
R Doebler December 12, 2013
Rating: 5 Found it on your recommendations, looks great, especially the video-clip couldn't be better, perfect promotion, so I bought it for my wife. Women in tights make the difference!


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Jonathan Aston Chained Tights
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