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Poppylicious Tyrese Tights

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9-11 Years
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* 40 denier
* Totally fun
* 95% Nylon
* 5% Elastane
Fashion isn't just for grown-ups you know? This is an autumn pattern for sure, but not the boring kind of autumn you hear about so often. Not the earthy tones and the blending and mixing of this and that. Little girls just want something chic and lovely to look at. This pair of tights is perfect for matching the amazing array of colours your little one sees around her every day at this time of year and it's the best way to letting her capture a bit of her wonder and carrying it around with her. Very few designers do what Poppylicious do by bringing fashion to the littlest legs, so now's your chance to do just that.

Age (approx)Height
6 - 8 Yearsto 120cm - 47 inches
9 - 11 Yearsto 152cm - 60 inches


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Poppylicious Tyrese Tights
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