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Moulin Rouge Swarovski Windmill Tights


$23.63 Was: $47.24
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* 80 denier
* Opaque
* Beautiful design
* No gusset
* Swarovski crystal
* 93% Nylon
* 7% Elastane
The windmill is a clear and iconic homage to the Moulin Rouge. The Parisian theatre was built inside a converted and refurbished windmill, a watermark of its Bohemian spirit. These opaque tights are simple and elegant, with a small motif at the ankle. This humble addition makes these tights a tasteful tribute without them being too verbose or exaggerated. Designed and commissioned by the Moulin Rouge itself.
Size UK Dress
One Size Up to 16
Large16 - 18
Plus Size 18 - 22
XXL20 - 26
XXXL28 - 32


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