Levante Suede Matte 50 Denier Tights

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* 50 denier
* Very soft
* Cotton gusset
* Highly durable
* 86% Polyamide
* 11% Lycra Elastane
* 3% Cotton
Suede Matte has been one of Levante's most popular products for years. It has been the very best item for bringing luxurious materials and a subtle matte finish together in one place. Now, it is being re-released with more durable and more comfortable fibres, making it even better for marrying these two very different and difficult to engineer attributes. A wonderful product that just got more wonderful.
Height Hips
ft/ins 77-92cm 87-102cm 97-112cm 107-122cm 122-137cm
4'9" S M Tall
5'1" S M Tall XTall XXTall
5'3" S M Tall XTall XXTall
5'5" M Tall XTall XXTall
5'7" M Tall XTall XXTall
5'9" Tall XTall XXTall
5'11" XTall XXTall
6'1" XTall XXTall
30-36" 34-40" 38-44" 42-48" 48-54"
E Kogun September 15, 2015
Rating: 5 I've always trusted Levante tights and those above were not exception. They are lovely and comfortable tights which I anticipate will wear well.


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