Trasparenze Adippe Leggings

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2/3 Medium/ Large
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* Mock denim effect
* Romantic rose design
* Summer fashion
* 72% Polyester
* 20% Polyamide
* 8% Elastane
Adippe is a certain kind of European butterfly with a distinct speckled pattern across its wings, similar to the speckles you'll see on the leg of these leggings. The impact of nature on these leggings is evident, rose pattern leggings bursting with flowers and animal print into the mix along with a jeans print and some wonderful colours. The result is a cross between the best of nature and some of our most iconic man made designs.

Size Chart
SizeHeightWeight (lbs)Weight (Kg)
S 24'10"-5'4"98 - 12144 - 55
M 34'10"-5'6"110 - 14350 - 65
L 45'0"-5'8"121 - 16555 - 75
Maxi5'6"-6'0"154 - 21570 - 100
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Trasparenze Adippe Leggings
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