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Le Bourget Pantalon Leggings

T1 - Small
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* Cut and sew leggings
* Elastic waistband
* 77% Viscose
* 18% Polyester
* 5% Elastane
Pantalon is one of the most interesting leggings in this leg wear season. It is simple and elegant, but instead of following the recent trend of adding a wet look effect or a dazzling pattern, these leggings are matte and much more directed towards work outfits and more formal attire. They are one of the first items to combine the convenience of leggings and yet be ideal for a wider variety of outfits.
S 1 to 5'1"105 - 130
M 25'2"-5'9"130 - 145
L 35'3"-5'11"120 - 170
XL 45'5"-6'1"130 - 184


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Le Bourget Pantalon Leggings
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