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Le Bourget Tattoo Japonais Tights


$13.49 Was: $20.24
T2 - Medium
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* Colour ankle print
* 15 denier
* Sheer to waist
* Cotton gusset
* Sandal toe
Flowers play such a huge role in the history and artistic identity of Japan. Le Bourget's Tattoo range, meant to replicate the small but impactful appearance of a real tattoo, has caught this national identity. The careful floral arrangement on these tights are striking and so carefully poised, rather than being wrapped and curled around the leg like a vine or other kind of flower pattern might be. This is just like the bonsai trees of Japan and it perfectly recreates the iconic look of this beautiful flora.
S 1 to 5'1"105 - 130
M 25'2"-5'9"130 - 145
L 35'3"-5'11"120 - 170
XL 45'5"-6'1"130 - 184


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