Soak Full Size Value Bottle

375 ml (75 washes)
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* Great for handwash
* Derived from plants
* Phosphate free
* Sulphate free
* 75 washes
Use this amazing product to wash just about any item of clothing you own. Perfect for swimwear, leg wear, lingerie, knits and so much more. Just add a few drops to cool water and soak the garment for a few hours. There's no need to even rinse it out! Made from organic extracts and renewable plant ingredients. Safe for washing by hand and using in a machine.

Available in the following:

Yuzu - Classic citrus with a little helping of eucalyptus

Celebration - Redbush tea for a tastefully sweet aroma

Lacey - Spring blossom with smoky bergamot

Fig - Fresh figs and sweet lychee

Scentless - Fragrance free for sensitive skin

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