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Stop And Stare Firebird Tights

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* 20 denier
* Sheer to waist
* Flat seams
* Cotton gusset
* Sandal toe
* 78% Nylon
* 20% Lycra
* 2% Cotton
Firebird takes everything that is best about tattoos and body art and brings it to your legs, with one other big benefit, which is that they can be worn as and when you like. The colour, the striking motifs, the classic patterns and pictures, everything you can imagine, is to be found right here in the Firebird design. But of course, getting a tattoo this vibrant and striking is a big step for many and they don't always want to make a choice like that forevermore. That's why tattoo tights are great. Bring this design into your life for a day every once in a while and you will have outfits that are so much more vibrant and beautiful.
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Stop And Stare Firebird Tights
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