Max Mara Sansone Tights

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* 60 denier
* Mock knee socks
* Polka dot print
* Side-decorated brief
* 85% Polyamide
* 15% Elastane
Sansone is a fine example of a growing trend in the world of leg wear, hybrid designs. Mixing one print and a completely different one is a popular thing right now and of course, Max Mara have taken it to a new stage of beautiful and well designed. There are not two but three different motifs in this design. The first is the modern solid black calf area with its small sheer band near the top. Next is the classic pin up polka dot pattern across the thigh. And finally, the imitation French knickers near the top, with its corset style sides a little bows. Together, they bring several different eras of fashion together in one design.
Height Weight kg
ft/ins  40  50 55 60 65 70 80 95
4'9" S S S M M
4'11" S S S M M L L  
5'3" S M M M L L L XL
5'5" M M L L L L XL XL
5'7" M L L L L XL XL XL
5'9"     L L L XL XL  
5'11"     XL XL XL XL  
6'1"     XL XL XL XL  
98 110 121 132 143 154 176 209
Weight lb


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