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Trasparenze Kioto Tights


2 Medium
3 Large
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* Allover pattern
* Woven design
* Marl effect
* Warm & cosy
* 60% Cotton
* 34% Polyamide
* 6% Elastane
Kioto, named after the once capital of Japan, might not seem like it has been inspired by its name sake in the same way that many of the other designs from this brand have been this season, but it actually is. The abstract pattern that you see at first glance is made up of a series of latticed line, something that the land of the rising sun is famous for. In their majestic buildings and their gorgeous and striking temples, the vaulted roofs are made of a complex maze of truly magnificent beams and arches. These make their unique architecture some of the most powerful and yet the most serene in the world, and these tights are the same, they are beautiful and eye catching yet subtle and timeless, making them a fitting homage.
SizeHeightWeight (lbs)Weight (Kg)
S 14'10"-5'4"198 - 12144 - 55
M 24'10"-5'6"110 - 14350 - 65
L 35'0"-5'8"121 - 16555 - 75
XL 45'4"-6'0"132 - 18760 - 85
Maxi 55'6"-6'0"154 - 21570 - 100


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Trasparenze Kioto Tights
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