Le Bourget Legendaire Sheer Spot Tights

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T1 - Small
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* 20 denier
* Spotted tights
* Sandal toes
* Cotton gusset
* 92% Nylon
* 8% Elastane
Legendaire is the French word for legendary, and we have to agree that this design really is deserving of the name. What pattern is more legendary than the unbeatable polka dot? We don't think there is much else in the fashion world that has lasted as long and remained so popular as the polka dot. This pattern looks great in nearly any situation with any outfit after more than a century of popularity. This gives it a certain mythical status in the fashion world, a realm where too many items fall to the wayside after being in vogue for a short while. Not these tights though, these are something that will look as good 10 years from now as they do today.

Size Chart
S 1 to 5'1"105 - 130
M 25'2"-5'9"130 - 145
L 35'3"-5'11"120 - 170
XL 45'5"-6'1"130 - 184
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Le Bourget Legendaire Sheer Spot Tights
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