Hudson Light 8 Hold Ups

Hudson Light 8 Hold Ups

II - Medium
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* 17 denier
* 8 denier appearance
* Flat top
* 57% Polyamide
* 43% Polyurethane
Hudson's premier ultra sheer item, Light 8 is sheerer than anything else in the range and one of our sheerest hold ups from any designer for that matter. Any leg wear below 10 denier is great for adding colour and shine to your legs without looking like you are wearing tights or hold ups at all, but are often less robust than their thicker counterparts. But Hudson is different. Their leg wear is always made to last and this design is proof of that. It is simply one of the best ultra sheer items we have and like all of their designs, this Hudson number will last longer and fit better than mostly anything else we have.

Size Chart

Size Height
Small 5'0"-5'3"
Medium 5'4"-5'8"
Large 5'8"-6'1"

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Hudson Light 8 Hold Ups
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