Stop And Stare Floral Henna Tights

Stop And Stare Floral Henna Tights

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* 20 denier
* Floral print
* Sheer to waist
* Deep waistband
* Sandal toe
* Cotton gusset
* 78% Polyamide
* 20% Elastane
* 2% Cotton
If Stop And Stare does one thing well, it is making great tattoo tights. This trend is growing year on year, but it is this one designer that still sits at the top of our list of recommendations for this specific style. Floral Henna is the perfect example of why they are the best, their incredible design being one of the most eye catching we've seen in a long time. The trailing pattern that stretches from near the knee down to the top of the foot is far more extensive than a smaller central one might be, and this extra coverage gives you a much more three dimensional look. For massive impact with a relatively small design, Floral henna is perfect for you.

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Stop And Stare Floral Henna Tights
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