Andrea Bucci Gloss Luxury Lace Top Stockings

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* 15 denier
* Sheer
* Glossy finish
* Floral lace top
* Sandal toes
* 86% Nylon
* 14% Elastane
Andrea Bucci's new Gloss Luxury range is a superb choice for those who want the highest shine and the sheerest material in tandum. These stockings, the first from Andrea Bucci we have sold here at UK Tights, are a sheer 15 denier that doesn't mask the natural beauty of your legs, but does add a healthy dose of colour and shine that gives your legs a tanned and lustrous appearance.

Size Chart

Height 3 - 5 Shoe 6 - 8 Shoe
5'0"-5'4" Small/Medium Medium/Large
5'4"-5'10" Medium/Large Medium/Large

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Andrea Bucci Gloss Luxury Lace Top Stockings
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