Andrea Bucci Gloss Luxury Lace Top Hold Ups

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* 15 denier
* Sheer
* Floral lace top
* Double silicone band
* Glossy finish
* Sandal toe
Andrea Bucci's range is one of the best in the world for balancing luxury and affordability, and these hold ups are a fine example of that. With a rich glossy finish, a deep and detailed lace top and a double lace band that keeps your leg wear held up correctly, you might imagine it comes with a bigger price tag. Once you try the item on and feel how comfortable and gorgeous it really is, you might have the same though. Andrea Bucci's items are amazing and easily as good as something twice the price, so if you want amazing hold ups for less, here you go!

Size Chart

Height 3 - 5 Shoe 6 - 8 Shoe
5'0"-5'4" Small/Medium Medium/Large
5'4"-5'10" Medium/Large Medium/Large

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Andrea Bucci Gloss Luxury Lace Top Hold Ups
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