Cecilia de Rafael Eterno 20 Tights

2 Small
3 Medium
4 Large
5 XLarge
6 XXLarge
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* 20 Denier
* Shine finish
* Ladder resist
* Cotton gusset
* No Waistband
* 70% Polyamide
* 30% Elastane
Eterno is a superb choice for those who want something almost invisible, yet robust, long lasting and infinitely comfortable. The 20 denier material is as light as gossamer, but it is made with a sturdy yarn and woven in a way that makes it ladder resistant and rather difficult to damage. Wtih no waistband, the illusion of a completely bare leg is sustained and yet the sheen and colour of these tights and the tan effect on your leg is maintained.

Cecilia de Rafael Size Guide


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