Trasparenze Kurosawa Fashion Tights

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* 70 Denier
* Floral print
* Cotton gusset
* 90% Polyamide
* 10% Elastane
Kurosawa, a tribute to the greatest name in Japanese cinema, is a fine homage to art and beauty of the land of the rising sun. Floral has long been a fixture of the art of Feudal Japan, and Kurosawa has taken this historical and treasured art form and given it new life. The gorgeous screen prints and scrolls of the Heian period are probably the most well known examples of this art, and the calligraphy and Buddhist paintings are well known too. The latter often featured a careful and almost hidden floral figure and the simple black lines and grey shading made these flowers more of a suggestion than a reality. Well, Trasparenze have recreated this tradition beautifully with Kurosawa. They have given their fashion tights a rich and historic feel that makes them among the most timeless and fascinating items in the range. When you wear these tights, you feel the weight of history and the beauty of a thousand years of art become a part of your wardrobe.

Size Chart
SizeHeightWeight (lbs)Weight (Kg)
S 24'10"-5'4"98 - 12144 - 55
M 34'10"-5'6"110 - 14350 - 65
L 45'0"-5'8"121 - 16555 - 75
Maxi5'6"-6'0"154 - 21570 - 100
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Trasparenze Kurosawa Fashion Tights
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