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Le Bourget Highlands Fashion Tights

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1/2 - Small/Medium
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* 80 denier
* Sheer to waist
* Flat seams
* Cotton gusset
* 68% Polyamide
* 25% Polypropylene
* 7% Elastane
Highlands has to be one of the most interesting designs from Le Bourget's whole collection this year. Abstract is supposed to be new and exciting, however even abstract artists fall into patterns sometimes. This is different though, and it's entirely original. With a variant mixture of grey, silver and gold, it is a very luxuriant design that has a kind of futuristic feel to it. The pattern is both highly organised and a little haywire too, amking it seem poised but dynamic at the same time. This is easily one of the most interesting fashion designs of the season from anyone.
S 1 to 5'1"105 - 130
M 25'2"-5'9"130 - 145
L 35'3"-5'11"120 - 170
XL 45'5"-6'1"130 - 184


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Le Bourget Highlands Fashion Tights
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