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Jonathan Aston Geo Net Tights

A/B - Small/Medium
B/C Medium/Large
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* Geo net pattern
* 80% Polyamide
* 19% Elastane
* 1% Cotton
Jonathan Aston Geo Net is a superb blend of two of the most eye catching fabrics in the world of leg wear, lace and fishnets. The fabric is the former entirely, but laid out in a shape that suggests the latter. This is a very interesting way of bringing together two different patterns in a harmonious way, and a way that blends the orderly nature of fishnets and the organic beauty and chaos of a pair of lace tights.
Hips inches
Small A4'10"-5'6"90 - 13030 - 40
Medium B5'0"-5'9"140 - 17038" - 44"
Large C5'4"-6'0"170 - 20042" - 48"


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Jonathan Aston Geo Net Tights
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