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Jonathan Aston Taylor Tights

A - Small
B - Medium
C - Large
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* High fashion
* Cosy knit
* Diamond pattern
* 70% Cotton
* 17% Polyamide
* 10% Polypropylene
* 3% Elastane
Taylor is, like much of the Jonathan Aston range this season, a beautiful but original homage to a traditional pattern. Here we have argyle, but not as we usually see it. By choosing to highlight some elements over others and especially the lines leaning to the right, this argyle pattern looks as much like a spiral or barber's pole pattern as it does the tradition Scottish standard. Taylor is not something that has torn the old favourite from its perch, but has instead given it new life, just like it'll do to any wardrobe or outfit you pair it with.
Hips inches
Small A4'10"-5'6"90 - 13030 - 40
Medium B5'0"-5'9"140 - 17038" - 44"
Large C5'4"-6'0"170 - 20042" - 48"


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