Couture Lace Design Bridal Lace Top Hold Ups

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* 15 denier
* Lace effect leg
* Deep lace top
* Reinforced toe
* 90% Nylon
* 10% Spandex
Couture Lace Hold Ups are, as most of Couture's range, the perfect choice for those who want the best bridal legwear possible. Couture make more bridal legwear for a designer of their size than anyone else in the world of hosiery, and it is something of a specialty of theirs. These hold ups are a little bit outside of their wheelhouse, however. They are new and innovative, rather than the classic and timeless pieces that Couture normally do. The lace leg is still  a classic for legwear lovers, but is more ornate than most bridal legwear. If you are going for a more ornate look with plenty of detail and lace on your dress, then why not compliment it with the same in your hold ups.?

Size Chart
Size Height Hip
Medium 5'0"-5'8" 36"-42"
Large 5'6"-5'10" 42"-48"

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Couture Lace Design Bridal Lace Top Hold Ups
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