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Couture Lace Design Bridal Lace Top Hold Ups

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* 15 denier
* Lace effect leg
* Deep lace top
* Reinforced toe
* 90% Nylon
* 10% Spandex
Couture Lace Hold Ups are, as most of Couture's range, the perfect choice for those who want the best bridal legwear possible. Couture make more bridal legwear for a designer of their size than anyone else in the world of hosiery, and it is something of a specialty of theirs. These hold ups are a little bit outside of their wheelhouse, however. They are new and innovative, rather than the classic and timeless pieces that Couture normally do. The lace leg is still  a classic for legwear lovers, but is more ornate than most bridal legwear. If you are going for a more ornate look with plenty of detail and lace on your dress, then why not compliment it with the same in your hold ups.?
Size Height Hip
MEDIUM 5'0"-5'8"
152 - 172cm
94 -109cm
LARGE 5'6"-5'10"
168 -179cm
109 -124cm


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Couture Lace Design Bridal Lace Top Hold Ups
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