Hue Microsuede Leggings

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* Super soft finish
* Suede look
* Opaque
* Real back pockets
* Faux front pockets and fly
* 90% Polyester
* 10% Elastane
Hue was founded in 1978 in New York, and just like Seventies NYC, they are the coolest bunch of cats you might hope to meet! They began as two starving artist types in the city who bought a couple of pairs of Chinese slippers from the market and dyed them some dazzling colours, selling them to get by and making them for gifts. They proved popular and many years later they still dye things wild colours, but its a range of leggings, jeggings socks and other items of legwear that is sold all over the world. They are often dazzling and head spinning, but there have some more classic items, like these babies! These faux-trouser leggings are absolutely perfect for those who want something smart, that's also as comfy as their workout gear, and has a kind of vintage charm. Suede is a great choice for the last part, and the new trend of faux-jeans and faux-trousers is perfect for the rest. Leggings that look like fitted trousers are a great way to wear what is essentially yoga gear during the day whilst looking smart, and smart is exactly what they look!

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Hue Microsuede Leggings
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