Ballerina Galatea Side Pattern Hold Ups

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* Hush Hush Collection
* Sheer black leg
* Side leg pattern
* Silver lurex highlights
* Scented hosiery
* Luxury packaging
* 82% Polyamide
* 18% Elastane
Galatea is named for the Nereid, a kind of beautiful mermaid, from Greek myth. Known for their grace and beauty, they were among the most beautiful women of the world, just as these Ballerina hold ups are among the most beautiful leg wear in the world of fashion. Galatea herself was a beautiful spirit that fell in love with a human, but when he died in battle, she turned him into a river spirit so they could be together forever. And just like that river, these hold ups flow beautifully and elegantly, featuring a side pattern down the leg. These hold ups are among their most subtle and is great at lengthening your figure, catching the eye instantly.

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Ballerina Galatea Side Pattern Hold Ups
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