Ballerina Eurydice Sparkle Backseamed Tights

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* Hush Hush Collection
* Sheer black leg
* Back seam detail
* Baroque motifs
* Silver sparkle highlights
* Scented hosiery
* Luxury packaging
* 79% Polyester
* 18% Elastane
* 3% Cotton
Ballerina is a designer that knows ho to make the most stunning and gorgeous items of leg wear we think we have seen in many seasons. This is one of their most regal items and is named for one of Greek myth's most regal creatures, the Nereids. These mermaid like creatures were goddesses of the sea and were famed for their regal beauty. These backseam tights are about as refined as one can get, marrying the beauty of the motifs and the classic seam, that is eye catching and flattering.

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Ballerina Eurydice Sparkle Backseamed Tights
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