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Falke Natural Glow 6 Tights

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* 6 denier
* 1 colour suits all
* Matches your own skintone
* Natural radiance
* Flattering silhouette
* Even 3D knitting technology
* Invisible reinforced panty
* Invisible soft seam
* 62% Polyamide
* 38% Polyurethane
Falke have, bar none, some of the finest make up effect tights in the world of leg wear. But not only that, they have now broken all their own records and outdone all their best work with this new item of leg wear. These are the Natural Glow 6 Tights, a brand new innovation in make up tights and tan tights. These are a "one colour fits all" type of tights design. They are super sheer at just 6 denier, and have a skin tone called natural, which translucent. Combined, they compliment your skin tone by allowing it to show through, and also adding a healthy sheen and glow. This isn't just ultra sheer tights at work though. That is just the simple process of letting your skin tone show through. Instead, they add colour that enhances what you already have with a beautiful and complimentary glow.

Size Chart
SizeHeightWeight (lbs)Hips
S 04'9"-5'1"95 - 11031" - 37"
S/M 15'0"-5'4"105 - 13034" - 38"
M 25'1"-5'6"120 - 14035" - 40"
M/L 35'2"-5'8"130 - 15036" - 42"
L 45'5"-5'11"135 - 17540" - 46"
XL 55'6"-6'0"165 - 22545" - 54"
XXL 65'7"-6'2"185 - 24048" - 56"
Customer Reviews
Howard LAW December 26, 2020
Rating: 5
My wife liked it very much, it’s so sheer that it completely blended to her skin.

Jan Derk Otter October 21, 2020
Rating: 5
These tights are wonderful. Very comfortable with a good fit, and a very nice colour indeed. Opposed to what one might expect, they even seem to be pretty ladder-resistant. No complaints at all, so far. Falke's one of my favourite brands anyway.

Highly recommended. Worth every penny. Definitely worth a 5-star rating.

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Falke Natural Glow 6 Tights
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