Boudoir Hosiery

Girardi Ironia Lace Ankle Socks

Girardi Dea Hold Ups
Girardi Dea Hold UpsNero-Rosso

Girardi Arabesque Lace Band Tights

Gabriella Avior Hold Ups
Gabriella Avior Hold UpsNero-Red

Pearl And Poseidon Miranda Ultra Sheer Bodystocking
Pearl And Poseidon Miranda Ultra Sheer BodystockingBlack Lavender Suntan Nude White

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Fiore Destin 20 Stockings
Fiore Destin 20 StockingsBlack

Fiore Coquette 15 Hold Ups
Fiore Coquette 15 Hold UpsBlack

Fiore Volcan 40 Hold Ups
Fiore Volcan 40 Hold UpsBlack

Ballerina Soft Touch Reba Hold Ups

Ballerina Soft Touch Aura Hold Ups

Ballerina Soft Touch Rena Hold Ups

Ballerina Soft Touch Iris Hold Ups

Cervin Capri 15 Stockings
Cervin Capri 15 StockingsBlack

Cervin Divine Hold Ups
Cervin Divine Hold UpsBlack

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Cervin Sensual Luxe Hold Ups
Cervin Sensual Luxe Hold UpsIvory White

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Ballerina Magnetic Veronika Black Stockings
Ballerina Magnetic Veronika Black StockingsBlack

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Mapale Sensual Lace Up Teddy Plus Size
Mapale Sensual Lace Up Teddy Plus SizeBlack

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Mapale Sensual Lace Up Teddy
Mapale Sensual Lace Up TeddyBlack

Maison Close Opaque Cut And Curled Stockings
Maison Close Opaque Cut And Curled StockingsBlack

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Freya Tailored Underwired High Apex Bra
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Freya Tailored Underwired High Apex BraAsh-Rose

Pamela Mann Entice Strappy Bodysuit
Pamela Mann Entice Strappy BodysuitBlack

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The boudoir is the most important physical space in an individual's personal palace, not least of all because good sex and sensuality are some of the cornerstones of a healthy, happy relationship - or fling, for that matter - but also because looking and feeling gorgeous is the key to confidence and, really, to beauty itself. The boudoir is the secret room, the hidden theatre, where love and lust play major roles and where the costumes are one of the most important factors. Our collection of items just for the boudoir is an assembly of the most enticing, playful and downright sexy pieces of hosiery and bodywear ever to appear in the industry.

Hosiery To Halt Your Inhibitions

For your boudoir collection, we have compiled a vast treasure trove of items designed to enhance the wearer's natural beauty and seductive powers. This ranges from flirty legwear and suspender belts to more daring body-stockings garter dresses, eye masks and hooded all-in-ones. Just shy of a few black and red feathers and a foot or two of strong rope, this collection houses everything you need to start a fire under the four-poster. Metaphorically speaking, of course!

The Hottest Hosiery

Not for the faint hearted; this is heart stopping hot hosiery that will blow your partner's socks off without you losing your own legwear. A collection of the sexiest stockings, the sassiest suspender belts, the most lavish, lace hold-ups. Naturally, black is central to the boudoir atmosphere, adds mystery and always does the trick. But undeniably, red is the colour of passion.

Boudoir Hosiery Is About More Than Just Sexy Stockings

Whilst strutting into the bedroom wearing nothing but a pair of lacy stockings and a garter belt may well have the desired effect, a black, lacy garter dress, a strappy bodystocking adds a level of mystery and keeps the imagination working and the juices flowing, so to speak. No firecracker boudoir wardrobe would be complete without a few well selected accessories. Eye masks, especially those that completely blindfold, transfer power to the other boudoir-dweller, or in fact dwellers, making them an essential for your kink drawer.

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