Repose is one of the most exciting brands in the UK Tights catalogue. They are unique among our range as they are the only items from a designer that makes all their items by hand, right here in the UK. Most other designers are from Western Europe, but in Britain, there are a few designers that follow the great tradition of British sartorial excellence.

Repose A British Brand

The British are not necessarily the first people you think of today as being the fashionable elite amongst designers, but they certainly should be. Whereas Milan and Paris are the first places that jump to mind when you think of European fashion centres, it has always been London that has provided to the finest tailoring and the finest materials to Europe's elite. Savile Row and Jermyn Street have been the centre of bespoke tailoring for centuries, the city of Northampton makes the best made shoes in the Commonwealth and the town of Macclesfield (incidentally, where UK Tights is based) manufactures the finest silk in the world, without question. Repose carries on this tradition in crafted entirely from hand.

Repose Quality Lingerie

Each item begins life as a bolt of fabric or a roll of material that is imported from the best source possible. Then, the founder and sole craftswoman in the company takes her concept for a design, measures and cuts the material by hand and stitches and sews it together into a night dress. Almost nothing modern is used in the process except a sewing machine that can be used when it's expedient. But mostly, it is all done by the accomplished hand of the founder herself. The organization has a few other people that handle the rest of the business such as admin and finance, but for the designs themselves, they are conceived, made into a prototype and then manufactured by the same person who had a vision for the company in the first place. Each garment takes a long time to make, but each one is unique and Repose rarely produce more than two or three of each garment. Even the luxurious items from the biggest names in the industry make a few dozen of each item and the more select names make around half a dozen or so. Repose are more unique still and every item you see from their collection is one of just a few ever made.

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