Purple Stockings

Purple stockings are quite the statement piece and among the more daring and exotic choices to go with in your outfit. We have something of a love affair with purple here at UK Tights thanks, with so much of our site, our email campaigns and even our product packaging being branded in purple. So we might be a little biased, but with the growing popularity of purple stockings themselves, we think that everyone seems to be falling in love with these wonderful garments. Purple is a brilliant colour for bringing classic beauty into any outfit and stockings are fantastic for adding a certain femininity to your look. But purple doesn't have to be the most eye catching combo either. When we say purple stockings, most people assume you are going to go for a royal purple that really catches teh eye. But you can also opt for something much darker, like plum stockings, for maximum versatility and subtlety. Or you could go in the opposite direction for summer and add a pair of lilac stockings to the mix and give yourself an outfit that is truly summer ready. Combined, purple stockings create one of the best and most attractive combinations in the leg wear world. Striking, incredibly easy to pair and timelessly beautiful, purple stockings are a great accessory. See all our purple stockings below and find something you love this season.

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