UK Tights has a wonderful and expansive range of clothing and it is a sector of the fashion world that we are very interested in expanding into. We have invested in tops, shorts, jackets, but now we are moving into one of the most foundational items of clothing possible. Namely, UK Tights now has a trouser section. This is our wonderful selection of trousers and pants. It is perfect for any woman that wants something more tailored and structured than what leggings can offer. We have some brands and designers that have been experimenting and trying out new things with their clothing. A few designers have been putting together small capsule collections for a long time now. And they have been taking their expertise from the leg wear world and have been applying it to the world of clothing as well. Now you can get some of the best fitting trousers you have ever worn from UK Tights alongside your regular hosiery and leg wear. All of these items use a cut and sown structure that is superbly comfortable and well made. This is what differentiates them from leggings and what gives them a more relaxed fit and cut, one that isn't as tight fitting. And all of this from the designers from UK Tights that you know and love.

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