Waxx is one of the best designers of menswear and men's underwear in the world right now. They make only a handful of designs, most famously their boxer briefs, but this helps them to cut out all the other distractions and focus on what is really important about their range. That is what great designers from all walks of life and from all types of clothing do in order to be the best. They make really well-designed items in one category and don't go for anything else besides that. This relentless focus gives them the most lean and pared down collection of items possible, but each is unrivalled in how great it is. So what is it that makes this small collection of otherwise regular boxer briefs so impressive? Waxx is an amazing designer of fashion and novelty designers. For example, their collection of festive items that come out just before Christmas 2017 contains some absolute classics, but some more innovative numbers too. There is the classic snowflake, the reindeer and the Christmas tree, but the most exciting part was their range of novelty items.

Gingerbread ladies with some rather suggestively placed gumdrop buttons, or gingerbread men striking a pose with a blob of icing being the only thing that hides their modesty! OR maybe it is from their year round collection, with gorgeous women tackling a lollipop on the front of your briefs, or a purposefully cheesy superhero, the always popular cannabis leaf or tie-dye explosion, or the classic flames and little devil faces. These are the designs they love to release, suggestive, humorous and tongue-in-cheek. They are all like this or similar, putting humour and good cheer first, making some designs that are cheeky and blush-inducing, and some that are downright shocking and will have you clasping your hand over your mouth, hiding a grin the whole time that is. Waxx underwear is always fun and they love to make their fans laugh out loud at the novel designs they release. But it's not all laughs and frivolity with Waxx either.

They make some serious high-quality items of underwear too. Their work may look like it's all fun and games, but on closer inspection, this designer makes some of the most serious underwear for men we have ever seen. The material is so sturdy that we have yet to see a pair really fall apart and the gentlemen in our own offices have had individual pairs for several years and the colours never fade and the elasticated stretch never disintegrates.

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