Wolford 3 For 2 Promotion

Wolford Satin Touch 20 Comfort Tights 3 For 2 Promotion

Wolford Satin Touch 20 Comfort Tights 3 For 2 Promotion

3 PAIR PACK, 20 denier, Wide comfort waistband, Reinforced brief in XXL, Reinforced toe, Graceful shimmer, 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane

Available Sizes:
Small, Medium, Large, X Large

Nearly-Black Admiral Caramel Gobi
Wolford 3 For 2 promotions are one of the most exciting elements of Wolford's range. Each year, they take one of a handful of items from their popular essential range, and then turn them into a multi-pack. Each multi-pack has 3 pairs for the price of 2. Wolford have only release three or four designs in a 3-pack so far, but each one is an item that their customers might wear everyday, so when more of these promotional packs arrive with us, they become of the most amazingly popular items in our range. Right now we have a couple of very exciting items that are just perfect for so many occasions. The number one item on our list is, of course, the Wolford Satin Touch. It's our favourite and our most popular. The original Satin Touch is a 20 denier item that has a gorgeous gloss to it that is neither too plain nor too garish or overdone. It is subtle and perfect for bring a certain silkiness to your legs that you would normally only get with a good tan, good diet and lots of different products. If you want to enhanc ethe sheen of your legs Wolford Satin Touch 20 are for you. Now they are available in a 3 For 2 Promotion pack. This means that the premium product from Wolford's range is available for quite a bit less. 33% less to be exact. This is a great way to find an everyday pair of tights that should really be a special occasion pair of tights without worry. Wolford multi-packs only come around every once in a while, but UK Tights gets as many as they can, meaning if you have tried the Satin Touch, you will be in for a treat. Wolford have also begun making the Sheer 15 in a promo pack too. Sheer 15 is Wolford's very best ultra sheer tights design. If you want something even more subtle than Satin Touch, you can go a little bit sheerer with this item. 15 denier is about the thickness where invisibility starts. If you want the colour of your skin enhancing without it looking like you are wearing tights, then Wolford Sheer 15 are for you. They are also a lot more matte than Satin Touch, to add to the camoflague effect. They are just perfect for anyone who wants something less noticeable than your average pair of tights with the unbeatable quality of Wolford.

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